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Organization for distance care with Jucelino da Luz

Jucelino da Luz is also one of the most renowned Brazilian spiritual healers. He works with cosmic spiritual energy for his healing work and performs energetic operations (without penetrating the body). He has already treated more than two million people in Brazil and all over the world.
Since the age of 9, he has been receiving the energy of healing through him, which he transmits through his hands, touching the person, or from a distance, and the results are impressive.
Even as a teenager, people flocked to meet him and he treated up to 600 people in a single day.
His reputation as a healer is international and the Japanese consider him the greatest of all.

The fact that your treatment takes place at a distance does not change the energy he transmits!

As the number of places is limited, registrations are made in order of registration. Thank you for your understanding.


It will be done remotely while you are sitting quietly at home, after having a glass of water and focusing on what you wish to welcome into your life, or see go.
You will be asked to choose one thing that you wish to « get rid of », this can be physical, energetic, emotional, a habit, or relational and spiritual. Jucelino da Luz removes the « negative » energy related to the difficulty encountered and instead « implants » a cell of light to give a new dynamic.
It is important that you drink water, consciously, a few moments before the time of the treatment, and then that you drink mainly water in the 72 hours following the treatment. (No alcohol or heavy meals). With each sip, allow yourself to visualise or feel the new energy that has been sent take place within you.

The session lasts: 15 minutes.
Jucelino will transmit the treatment to you with the Love and the Power of the spiritual Energies to which he has been connected for more than 51 years.
And you will receive a feedback from Jucelino by email in the following days, in the form of recommendations, or information, or feelings.

*This energetic and spiritual treatment does not replace the medical treatment given to you by your doctor, but faith and the subtle world can do a lot!

Participation fee: 70€.


Send by email :  your photo, your family name and your first names and describe in 1 line the point you wish to see reharmonized. You can send it to us when you register online.


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