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Reservation for an energetic and spiritual care with Jucelino da Luz for SUNDAY mars 1, 2023
For more information: contact@jucelinodaluz.fr

1. Choose your time slot for a treatment
2. Pay for your session at the bottom of the agenda by credit card or write us for a transfer
3. Send your request for a treatment with your photo

The session is done remotely

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Reservation for a spiritual guidance with Jucelino da Luz for

Sunday, March 27, 2022

For further information: contact@jucelinodaluz.fr

1.Choose your time slot for a guidance

2.Pay for your session at the bottom of the agenda, by credit card, or write us for a bank transfer.

3.The session is done remotely, by Zoom. Make sure you have a good connection on the day

4. IMPORTANT : This guidance will be in English, Portuguese or possibly in Spanish. no translation possible. 

This agenda is at Paris time. To convert check below.

Choisissez un évènement sur le calendrier :

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To confirm your reservation please make
your payment by card below

Secure payment by credit card with the stripe platform.
For a payment by bank transfer, please contact us:

The reservation is validated after the payment

Your ZOOM link will be sent to your mailbox, a few days before your session with Jucelino.

Thank you

It will be done through a connection with ZOOM.
You will be able to ask Jucelino da Luz 8 questions about yourself or your future. Be specific enough in your questions, so that you will get a precise answer. Jucelino answers each question in the light of the deep knowledge and wisdom of the highly developed spiritual beings standing beside him.

IMPORTANT: Jucelino will give his guidance in English, Spanish or Portuguese, if you speak one of these three languages. We do not offer translation !

The session lasts: 25 to 30 minutes
We advise you to record the session in order to be able to listen again to the answers given.

Your Zoom link will be sent to you, so that you can connect on the day and at the time of your guidance. It is important that you test that your connection to ZOOM is working well, because the time slot you are given is half an hour and cannot be exceeded in any case (because other sessions follow)

The participation fee is 100 euros to be paid online when you register.

The number of places being limited, the registrations are done by order of registration. Thank you for your understanding.

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